Liz Earle Reviews

Liz Earle Reviews

Today I had a real treat! My lovely husband had bought me a Liz Earle Healthy Beautiful Skin Facial for Christmas and I finally got around to booking it in.  I was in work early this morning and it was a great incentive to know that not only was I finishing early but that I had a wonderfully relaxing facial to look forward to.  It certainly made the day whizz by!  I thought I would post an account of my facial treatment as one of my Liz Earle reviews so that you know how remarkable it really was.

I arrived at the Beauty Spa 10 minutes before my facial was booked in and my Liz Earle therapist introduced herself and asked me to fill in the health questionnaire.  It was quite straightforward and very thorough, asking questions such as ‘do you wear contact lenses’.  I do wear contact lenses and my therapist later explained that the reason they ask is so that they do not put too much pressure on the eyelids during the facial!  The questionnaire also asks whether you are suffering from depression, stress, anxiety, SAD, insomnia or are of a nervous disposition!  This is all relevant though because the Liz Earle Healthy Beautiful Skin facial is not just a facial, it is an amazing sensory experience, which is totally relaxing and uplifting.  I ticked the stress box as I have been feeling a little stressed lately and was hoping that this facial would be just the thing to relieve it.

We then went into the Liz Earle treatment room, which looked peaceful and inviting.  It was softly lit, with a pristine bed covered in crisp white bedding and tranquil music playing.  My therapist explained where to hang my clothes and went to get me some chilled water whilst I got undressed and slipped into the heated bed!  The bed has a heated pad underneath and a lovely, fluffy duvet over the top.  You are given a soft paper cap to put over your hair so that it does not get oily, which I was impressed by.  I felt pampered before the treatment had even started and was really captivated by all the thoughtful little touches (such as the tray to put your jewellery & earrings onto) that made all the difference.  She explained how the Liz Earle Healthy Beautiful Skin facial would progress; she said it would include some massage of the face, neck, décolletage and upper arms.  The massage techniques are important for lymphatic drainage, which really helps to improve the skin’s appearance.  She then turned the lights down and began!

Firstly, she held a tissue soaked in eucalyptus oil near my nose and asked me to take three large, deep breaths.  Then, she put warm cotton wool underneath my eyes in a sweeping movement and then over onto my eyelids.  Next, she applied the famous Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish cream in a patting movement and this was removed with heated mittens, which also exfoliated.  I had my eyes closed and was feeling incredibly relaxed and calm.  After some more cleansing, my therapist began some massage techniques around the eye area and across the cheeks.  This then continued into my neck, shoulders and upper arms.  She also lightly massaged my ‘heart chakra’, which she had explained is associated with emotions such as happiness, compassion and understanding.  This ‘routine’ was then repeated, my face cleansed, toned and then oil applied and massaged and into my neck and upper chest and arms.  What I really liked was the fact that after each application of oil, it was wiped away with a soft cloth so that it never accumulated or felt greasy on the skin.

When the facial was finished, she left me to relax for a few minutes and went to get some more water.  She kindly propped the back of the bed up so that she could talk to me whilst I drank my water and reconnected with planet earth!  She explained what she had done and recommended the Liz Earle cleanse and polish, instant boost skin tonic and skin repair moisturiser which are all products that I already use and love!

I was so impressed and already thinking about how I would write a glowing account of this incredible facial for my Liz Earle reviews.

I came out feeling absolutely incredible, totally rested, calm and happy.  Any stress that I had previously felt had melted away.  I have been lucky enough to experience a few different facials over the years and I have to say that this Liz Earle Healthy Beautiful Skin facial was a world apart.  It was more of a total body and mind rejuvenation and I cannot wait for the next one!

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