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19 Reasons To Wear An Ionic Balance Band

Negative ion bands are sometimes referred to as Ionic Bands, Balance Bands, Power Bands or Ionic Balance Bracelets.  These bands are essentially made by combining black tourmaline gemstone with a medical grade silicone band.  This is done by grinding black tourmaline into a fine powder which is then added to liquid medical grade silicone and poured into moulds to give the bands their style, shape and design.

Tourmaline is a naturally occurring mineral often used as a semi-precious gemstone, and it has unique electric properties responsible for many beneficial health effects.

Tourmaline naturally generates a weak electric current, producing far infrared rays and converting the moisture in the air into negative ions.  Unlike mechanically produced negative ions, those generated by Tourmaline are completely natural and safe and have no negative side effects unlike mechanically produced negative ions.

Tourmaline naturally emits negative ions and it is exactly this that can create a positive and beneficial effect on our health.  Black tourmaline is believed by holistic practitioners to emit the most powerful healing energy of all tourmaline gems.

When an ionic balance band containing black tourmaline is worn in close proximity to the body, it will emit negative ions, far infrared rays and alpha waves.

Watch this fun 4 minute video that we made as a personal testimonial and review for the Ionic Balance Band.  Look out for the funny dance at the end of the video!

These are some of the 19 health benefits that an ionic balance band can have:

  • Increased Energy, Increased Stamina
  • Deeper Sleep, Reduced Fatigue
  • Stabilised Blood Pressure, Boosted Metabolism
  • Improved Blood Circulation, Quicker Response
  • Improved Flexibility, Improved Balance
  • Enhanced Immune Function, More Focus
  • Improved Mood, Sharper Concentration,
  • Faster Recovery, Faster Healing
  • Suppresses Electromagnetic Fields
  • Greater Well-being, Amplified Strength

ionic balance bandMy wife and I both decided to purchase an ionic balance band in January 2012 as we were keen and intrigued to see what difference the bands could make to our life.  I have to say, we have been absolutely amazed by how we feel.  Initially after the first 36 hours or so, I felt no different at all.

However, after only 2-3 days of wearing the band, I found that I had a much better quality of sleep, I felt more refreshed, and my feet which normally feel cold, actually regained a sense of warmth that I have not felt for years!

I do a lot of computer work, so I used to frequently suffer with blood shot eyes.  Again, I have found that I have not had blood shot eyes since wearing the band.  The main difference my wife has noticed so far is that she is sleeping much better and she is not feeling as tired after a long day at work.

Having researched this thoroughly, there are several different bands on the market at the moment.  Different bands from different manufacturers vary in price, but more importantly they vary massively in terms of the amount of tourmaline contained within the bands!  This is a crucial difference!

Some bands only emit around 100 negative ions per cm³ per second.  However, we have discovered a company which produces a band that emits up to 4421 negative ions per cm³ per second!  That is incredible!  I have not found any other company that produces a band that emits anywhere near that level.

Ionic Balance Band – The Strongest Negative Ion Wristband In The World.

So – if you would like to experience some of the health benefits of tourmaline for yourself, you might as well choose to buy your ionic balance band from a manufacturer who uses the greatest amount of black tourmaline in their bands which in turn means the bands emit more negative ions.

The company we decided to buy our ionic balance band from is called Ionic-Balance and we would highly recommend them to anyone.  The bands are comfortable to wear and they have a 20% stretch to fit capability.  You can wear them 24 hours per day if you wish (which is recommended).  You can wear them on your wrist or your ankle.  The bands are available in many different sizes and colours to suit all tastes!  You can get the bands wet without any problem.  The bands do not expire, in fact over time, they should never lose their natural ability to emit the all important high quantity of negative ions!  Ionic Balance offer a 30 day money back 100% satisfaction guarantee!

We hope you have found this ionic balance band review helpful and informative.  These bands are excellent value.

ionic balance band

If you would like to purchase an ionic balance band for yourself and start experiencing the benefits, the company is currently offering a 15% discount off your total order at the checkout when you use coupon code ionicbalance.

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