Ionic Balance Affiliate

Would you like to become an Ionic Balance Affiliate?

If you are passionate about the health benefits of ionic balance products and enjoy recommending them to your friends, then why not become an affiliate? It’s FREE and really easy to sign up and means that you get paid commission every time a friend or friend of a friend makes a purchase!

How To Become An Ionic Balance Affiliate

Go to the Ionic Balance website by clicking here and scroll to the bottom of the website and click on the link that says ‘Affiliate Login’.  Once on that page simply select the link that says ‘become an affiliate’.  To get started you need to choose a user name and will be given a unique affiliate IDYour user name will become the personal discount code that family and friends will use to receive a fantastic 15% off their order.

Once you have logged into the Ionic Balance affiliate control panel and can identify your affiliate link, you can begin to email it to family and friends, post it onto your facebook page and tweet it.  You can also promote your Ionic Balance affiliate link by word of mouth and when a friend types your user name into the ‘Coupon Code’ box at the checkout, they will also receive their 15% discount.

Of course, every time they make a purchase of Ionic Balance products, your Ionic Balance affiliate account will be credited.

You will earn 15% commission from each and every sale you personally make plus a set percentage from every sale made by any other Ionic Balance affiliate that you introduce over time.

You get paid directly into your Paypal account at the start of the month once your account has accrued £50.

Becoming an Ionic Balance Affiliate really is a win – win because you get paid for promoting and recommending products which you genuinely love and think your friends and family will also benefit from.  Ionic Balance sells a huge amount of its products through referral and word of mouth, saving money on paying sales staff to reward their loyal affiliates instead!

Ionic Balance AffiliateI hope you have found this post helpful and that you will enjoy the benefits of promoting the fantastic ionic balance bands to your friends and family as an Ionic Balance Affiliate.

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