Hypnobirthing Video

In this post we show a hypnobirthing video from a lady called Susy from the UK and we also show another hypnobirthing video from a lady called Claire in New Zealand.  Towards the end of the post we show a hypnobirthing video by Katharine Graves.

Hypnobirthing Video 1

This is Susy’s second HypnoBirth, but first homebirth.  She filmed the birth as she wanted to show women that birth can be calm, relaxed and enjoyable.

HypnoBirthing Video 2

This is Claire’s second water birth and first Hypnobirth. It was totally drug-free, she just went within her body and used breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques to give birth to her baby.  Reference AucklandHypnoBirthing.co.nz.

Hypnobirthing Video 3

Katharine Graves of the Hypnobirthing Centre explains managing pain through relaxation and powerful breathing techniques that will help your body to work the way it is meant to.

If you are intrigued by the concept of hypnobirthing and would like to understand exactly what hypnobirthing is all about, then click here to see our post called “What Is Hypnobirthing?”

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A good hypnobirthing video can speak 1000 words, so we hope you have found this collection of hypnobirthing videos helpful.

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